She Comes From Boston…

So this Wannabeislandgirl is still recovering from the back-to-back Kenny Chesney concerts at Gillette Stadium this past weekend. And, truth be known, this Wannabeislandgirl really IS from Boston. No lie!

Now, who WASN’T at the show?!?! We couldn’t believe the distances people traveled to see Kenny. People came from all over the country! The lovely Connie and Michelle from “Welcome to the Sandbar” were there and they even hosted a fun pre-party on Thursday night in Boston.

St John and Jost Van Dyke were also well represented at the show! We met the amazing Jenn from “News of St John”. And the world famous Foxy from Foxy’s Tamarind Bar was also there enjoying both nights with friends and family. All Kenny Chesney fans know who Foxy is….just in case you don’t, here’s a hint:

Oh I wish I was there tonight on Jost Van Dyke
Sipping on some Foxy’s Firewater rum
Or kickin’ back with Ivan
With all my friends down in the islands
Wouldn’t take much for me to up and run
To another life somewhere in the sun

We spotted so many t-shirts from all of our favorite island haunts….Foxy’s (JVD)….The Soggy Dollar Bar (JVD)…Corsairs (JVD)…The Beach Bar (STJ)…The Barefoot Cowboy (STJ)….Joe’s Rum Hut (STJ)….Coco Loco’s (JVD)…The One Love Bar (JVD)…Ivan’s (JVD). And that’s just a few!! It was so special to see the Virgin Islands so well represented.


Kenny Chesney, Boston 2017
IMG_7487 2
Cheers to Foxy’s

The shows were totally amazing. We went both nights (yes, lucky us!) and each show was different, but equally special. Special guest star Uncle Kracker joined the stage for an added treat on Saturday night.

And, like all shows at Gillette Stadium, he sang our beloved “She Comes from Boston”. Do ya think he was singing to ME??!?  🙂

Until next year, my fellow Kenny Chesney fans…

Cheers!  #wannabeislandgirl






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