Hi, I’m Sheryl.  Welcome to my blog, WANNA BE ISLAND GIRL.

My goal for 2017?  To be an island girl forever. Join me on my journey to move to the islands permanently. It’s quite a goal – but I know I’ll find a way. The reward is too amazing.

We’ve been going to the islands at least twice a year – for as long as we possibly can. We’ve made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun, but mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the island lifestyle.

In the meantime, let’s tour some of my favorite islands. We’ll visit some great hidden places, nosh on some of my favorite foods and cocktails, enjoy some fantastic music from friends in the islands and beyond.

If you are a WANNA BE ISLAND GIRL too…please share your story. Let’s make this a community of island dreamers. Share your story, your pictures, your dreams.

After all, we’re just WANNA BE ISLAND GIRLs.