The Super Bowl – Island Style

As we get ready for “The Big Game” today (go Patriots!) – I began to think back to the few times we watched the Super Bowl from the Islands. Each game had its own charm and uniqueness. Painkillers and football are a great combo – for sure. As far as watching the actual game – the search begins for the bar with the biggest (or any!) television.

My favorite game watching experience was at Coco Loco’s in White Bay, Jost Van Dyke.  It was more than a few years back – when big screens hadn’t really made it to the island. NO PROBLEM!  Nothing two white sheets, some long poles and a projector & laptop can’t fix. Yes, there were more than a few times that the connection went a little haywire to the groins of everyone watching…but it always came back just in time.

So as we get closer to kickoff today, I’ll be thinking of the islands and wishing I was there to see the Patriots win…..  CHEERS!

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