Packing for Paradise

So excited to be escaping to my beloved islands soon! I’m getting pretty good at this packing game – after a dozen plus years of experience.  It’s funny how you get into a groove for packing to the islands.

I pack by some very simple rules:

PACK LIGHT. Carry-on only. No way will we wait for our bags on a carousel or risk lost bags. We limit ourselves to a carry-on plus a small “fun” bag (guitar, snorkel gear etc). This is in sharp contrast to our first trip together to Key West where I had to move multiple pairs of shoes from my bag to my hubby’s because mine weighed too much. Imagine that – at the counter = shoving shoes into his bag. Never again – two pairs – just brown and black flip flops for me now!IMG_2435

PACK WATERPROOF: With all the ferries needed to get to our bliss, we usually just bring waterproof backpacks. But thanks to my broken foot (almost healed!), I get to use a hybrid backpack with wheels. Cheating this trip for sure.

PACK ACCORDING TO WEIGHT: Fashion is second to weight when packing for the Islands. I give all items the ‘weight test’ and tend to only buy things that are light and flowy. Even my very favorites stay behind if 15134822_10207963321425828_6248460383660843588_nthey don’t pass this test.

TOILETRIES: As mentioned above, only bringing carry-on means I have to make a quart sized bag hold all my junk for 10 days. After years of doing this, I’ve learned some shortcuts. Bar soap instead of body wash; sunscreen solids instead of lotions; and bug repellant bands instead too. Luckily, there is no such thing as a “hairstyle” down there (think beach waves!) so not much need for any of that junk.

KEEPING SAFE: Despite being in bliss, bad people exist everywhere (or more likely it’s just drunk tourists). This year we’re trying out the LocTote. Just lock this small backpack to our beach chair (or tree branch) and hopefully no more lost sunglasses or phones. Will let you know how that goes!

Oh yeah – one more must. When you land, make sure to get the free shot of Island Rum! And keep it flowing!

Stay tuned!


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